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Research Activity

The Snell Memorial Foundation has been actively conducting and supporting research to understand the nature and severity of head and brain injury and to increase head impact protection in such activities as bicycling, motorcycling, racing and other non-motorized recreational activities. Basic studies of injury mechanism and protection, as well as field research related to injury severity and causation have been undertaken.

Research support is world-wide, extending from bicyclist injuries in China, to basic modeling and design of an improved anthropomorphic dummy head and neck conducted in the Netherlands, and Germany. Other studies by United States universities, medical and injury prevention centers, and private research organizations have involved basic research in biomechanics and head injury epidemiology, 3-D child head anthropometry, helmet fit research, and seat belt restraining design effects on the body.

In progress are long term studies of the sequelae of head injury in young bicyclists, evaluation of helmet materials, and basic head and brain biomechanics and injury mechanisms. In-house studies are also part of this over all program. The following is a list of recent research projects completed or in progress.