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Name___________________________________ The Snell Safety Education Center is a charitable organization committed to injury prevention. We are grateful for your help and the opportunity to partner with you in this effort. 
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Item Description Suggested Donation Qty Donation
Before the Fall Bicycle helmet safety video  VHS $7.00 /ea # $
Prepare For Impact Motorcycle helmet safety video DVD $7.00 /ea # $
Wear A Ski Helmet Skiing Helmet Safety video  VHS $7.00 /ea # $
Snell: Kids Vidz Children's helmet promotion video DVD $7.00 /ea # $
Use Your Head Bicycle helmet safety brochure $2.50 /50 pcs # $
Snell Motorcycle Helmet Standard M2015 flyer $2.50 /50 pcs # $
Enjoy The Rush Skiing helmet safety brochure $2.50 /50 pcs # $
You Need A Helmet Bike hang tag $3.00 /100 pcs # $
Wear Your Helmet 1.5 inch round pin $2.50 /25 pcs  # $
4S Bicycle Helmet Fit 19" x 26" color poster $2.00 /ea # $
Medical College of Wisconsin/Snell - HIC Workshop Report   CD $10.00 /ea # $
Snell/Harborview Helmet Study Report $5.00 /ea # $
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Please fax or send your order to:
Snell Safety Education Center, 3628 Madison Avenue, Suite 11, North Highlands, CA 95660
Tel: 1-888-SNELL99 or (916) 331-5073, Fax: (916) 348-9195, E-mail:

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for materials from outside the continental United States require that all shipping cost be paid by the recipient.  Contact the Snell Safety Education Center for arrangements.

Donations to the Snell Safety Education Center are used to educate and inform about the benefits of helmets and the importance of head protection and are tax deductible. Your help is needed so that we may continue to develop and distribute new materials to aid in this task.