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Jan. 22, 1997


North Highland, California, January 22, 1997 - The Snell Safety Education Center has been established in California as a non-profit organization. The purpose of the Center is to engage in scientific, educational and charitable activities; to research and develop safety equipment for the prevention of injuries; and to develop and provide information, materials and services to encourage the use of safety equipment.

Over the past a few years, the demand for safety education service and materials has out-grown the budget and the capacity of the education program within the Snell Memorial Foundation. As a separate organization, the Snell Safety Education Center can work more closely with other organizations and groups, including helmet manufacturers, to prevent unnecessary injuries. This move not only allows the Snell Memorial Foundation to remain independent in its activities of standard development and helmet testing, but also enables the Center to incorporate outside funding and support to continue and further the educational efforts by the Snell Memorial Foundation. The Center has received cash and in kind donation from the Snell Memorial Foundation and will actively pursue outside funding and support for its activities.

For details, contact Ms. Hong Zhang, President of Snell Safety Education Center at (916) 331-5073