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Press Release

Snell Memorial Foundation, Hobbs, New Mexico
May 16, 1997

In response to recent announcements from Consumer Reports, the Snell Memorial Foundation has confirmed the following: Snell certified bicycle helmets configured with the new ITW-Nexus TSK-63 buckle continue to meet all the requirements of the Foundation's standards and remain an excellent choice far anyone considering protective headgear.

Specifically, the Foundation has reviewed all testing of bicycle helmets manufactured by Giro Sport Design over the last year as well as conducted testing on upwards of thirty-five helmets configured with the ITW-Nexus buckle identified by Consumer Reports. Our testing confirms that all Snell certified Giro Sport Design helmet models and all other Snell Certified bicycle helmets configured with the ITW-Nexus buckle continue to meet the Foundation's demanding performance requirements.

All the samples tested were acquired directly from retailers and distributors and represent a cross section of the helmets offered to bicyclists. We found that Snell Certified Giro Sport Design products including those configured with the ITW-Nexus buckles provide premium levels of head protection. The Foundation is proud to include Giro Sport Design Helmets in its certification programs and continues to recommend all of the products containing the Blue Snell Sticker without exception or reservation.

The Foundation has tested thousands of bicycle helmets in recent years. We are confident in our methods, measurements and evaluations. This confidence is amply justified by intensive studies of bicycle helmet performance such as the recent Harborview study conducted by Dr. Frederick P. Rivara,

The Harborview study documents 3390 injured bicyclists, over half of whom were wearing helmets. The helmets from 527 riders who have suffered some sort of head contact Were examined and in no case was any buckle damage found related to either the accident or to any injury sustained by the rider.

Although Consumer Reports had made general inquiries concerning their buckle testing over the last month, the Foundation did not learn until 9 May 1997 any of the specifics of their concerns. Since then, we have reviewed our records and tested more than thirty-five samples of the units identified by Consumer Reports. our findings are at odds with theirs. We are convinced that their results and conclusions in this matter are mistaken. We will welcome any opportunity to resolve this matter quickly and to repair the confidence of distributors, retailers, and the bicycling public in these Snell Certified products.