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Jan. 6, 1998 

Snell Issues the Most Demanding Ski Helmet Standard

(North Highlands, California, January 6, 1998) -- For winter excitement and fun, there are few things better than skiing or snowboarding.  While skiing has always been a popular winter sport, snowboarding has quickly become winter's hottest new activity.  In the United States alone, over 10 million skiers and 3.7 million snowboarders headed to the slopes in 1996.

Although alpine skiing and snowboarding offer excellent exercise for physical fitness and great enjoyment of natural beauty, skiers and snowboarders at every skill level face risks of serious injury and death.  For this reason, today's skiers and snowboarders are turning to modern helmet technology in order to reduce and control the hazards of serious head and brain injuries.

After two years of research and testing, the Snell Memorial Foundation, a non-profit and independent organization, announces the publication of its latest ski helmet standard, S-98.  The new S-98 standard demands helmets consistent with today's state of the art, offering substantially more head protection than that offered in traditional skiing headgear.

For the past forty years, Snell has been internationally renowned for its dedication to scientific research, standards development, helmet testing, and public education.  The Foundation currently tests and certifies helmets for auto-racing, motorcycling, bicycling, in-line skating, and equestrian sports.  For more information about Snell and Snell certified helmets, please visit the Snell web site (

For details, contact Ms. Hong Zhang, President of Snell Safety Education Center at (916) 331-5073