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July 22, 2009

The Newsletter of the Snell Memorial Foundation

This is the fifty-first edition of the Foundation's quarterly newsletters to the helmet manufacturing industry.                            pdf  version 

In This Issue

  1. 2009 Media Meeting
  2. SA/K2010 Finalized
  3. FIA 8858 and FIA 8860 Issues for SA2010 Standard
  4. New Pretesting Information Sheet
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2009 Media Meeting

The Foundation hosted a press meeting on June 22, 2009 at the Hyatt Newport Beach Hotel in the Los Angeles area, where most of the motorcycle print media groups are located. Representatives of nine motorcycle publication companies attended the meeting. They are: Cycle World Magazine, Dealernews Magazine, Dirt Rider Magazine, Racing World Magazine, Road Racer X Magazine, Motorcycle Consumer News, Motorcyclist Magazine, Super Streetbike Magazine, and Quad Off-Road Magazine. Four other magazines outside the area also requested information released at the meeting. Dr. Fenner, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Gennarelli and Mr. Muzzy of the Snell Board of Directors were present at the meeting. Ed Becker and Hong Zhang of the Snell office also attended.

Dr. Fenner welcomed everyone, introduced his fellow board members and then gave a short description of the Foundation’s history and goals. Ed Becker gave a presentation describing the changes included in M2010, the reasons for these changes and the differences with previous Snell Standards. The presentation emphasized the principle advantage of helmets meeting M2010 over other available motorcycle helmets: that while all helmets including Snell certified helmets must meet government mandatory requirements, Snell demands that helmets also perform in impacts substantially more severe than any of the current mandatory standards. Dr. Gennarelli gave a brief presentation on brain injury mechanisms including a discussion of concussion.

The meeting also provided a great opportunity to explain the Snell test program to the media. A few editors already have committed to articles on the Snell M2010 standard in the coming issues.

 SA/K2010 Finalized

The Snell SA/K2010 standard is finalized. This document sets requirements for helmets used in competitive auto racing (SA) and kart racing (K). An electronic copy of the standard is posted in the Snell website and a printed booklet of the standard will be available later this year.

An addendum is planned for this standard which will cover provisions for head restraints such as HANS® and other systems. The addendum will set requirements similar to those currently in draft for the next revision to FIA 8858. Helmets need not incorporate these head restraint provisions but if they do and if they meet the requirements in the addendum, they will qualify for special SAH2010 or KH2010 certification. It is expected that FIA will accept SAH2010 certification as an alternative to FIA 8858 homologation in events for which head restraint systems are required.

The Snell laboratory and HPE are ready to begin certification testing to SA/K2010. The effective date for the SA/K2010 is October 1, 2010 and the new certification labels will be available April 1, 2010.

FIA 8858 and FIA 8860 Issues for SA2010 Standard

SA2010 may not be compatible with FIA 8860, the FIA’s advanced helmet specification which describes the performance requirements for helmets currently used in Formula 1 racing events. However, FIA 8860 is compatible with SA2005. In fact, FIA 8860 certification requires also that the model be certified to Snell SA2005 or to one of the other standards in FIA Technical List 25. The Foundation will maintain SA2005 for as long as necessary to support the current FIA 8860. We look forward to working with FIA to revise the requirements of FIA 8860 and, possibly, to combine Snell and FIA test procedures for these advanced helmets to provide a simpler, more efficient certification procedure to the helmet industry.

FIA maintains programs to both FIA 8858 and FIA 8860. The Snell laboratory is one of three organizations accredited to perform the necessary testing. Please contact Gib Brown or Randy McCarty for details.

New Pretesting Information Sheet

Manufacturers submitting helmets to Snell for testing are encouraged to download a new Pre-Test Information Sheet from the Snell web site and to fill out copies. The new form includes provisions for information essential to the proper testing of helmets to CM2007, SA/K2010 and M2010. Please use the new form and fill it out as completely as possible. Test will not be scheduled for helmets sent to the Snell lab without the Pre-Test Information Sheet. The laboratory receives many shipments of helmets. The Pre-Test Information Sheet is essential to providing timely and accurate service.

For CM2007 and for all the Snell 2010 standards, certification requires that helmets be tested in impact on the largest and the smallest appropriate head forms. If the helmet’s range of head sizes implies that two or more head forms are appropriate, the manufacturer must include two additional helmet samples and a second Pre-Test Information Sheet for them. For example, if a motorcycle helmet model is intended for head sizes 55-59cm, the standards call for testing on both the J and E head forms. Therefore, five samples (six samples for SA/K2010 or CM2007) with the thinnest fit pads must be submitted along with a Pre-Test Information Sheet indicating the J head form and two more samples with the thickest fit pads must be submitted with a second Pre-Test Information Sheet indicating the E head form.

Please see instructions for head form selection and Pre-Test Information Sheet posted in the Snell web site:

Your Comments and Suggestions

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about any aspect of the Snell programs or services, please contact Ed Becker

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Editor: Hong Zhang, Director of Education

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