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Date:	March 1, 1997
To:	All Snell Certified Manufacturers and Interested Parties
From:	Edward B. Becker,Executive Director/Chief Engineer

This is the fifteenth of the Foundation's quarterly newsletters to the helmet manufacturing industry. The fourteenth was sent out last September. Comments and items for inclusion in subsequent issues are invited.

Snell Safety Education Center (SSEC)

As of December, 1996, the Snell Safety Education Center, a California non-profit corporation, has taken up the Snell Memorial Foundation's effort to promote the widespread use of protective headgear. The Center is dedicated to all the ideals of the Foundation: to engage in scientific, educational and charitable activities; to research and develop safety equipment for the prevention of injuries; and to develop and provide information, materials and services to encourage the use of safety equipment. However, the Center is a distinct and autonomous organization. Since there is no connection to the Foundation's testing and certification programs, the Center will be able to work more directly with consumer groups, helmet manufacturers and other charitable organizations.

Ms. Hong Zhang, who organized and directed the Foundation's current helmet education programs, will continue these efforts as president of the Snell Safety Education Center. As with the Foundation, Ms. Zhang expects to work closely with state and community groups dedicated to public safety. Working through the Center, Ms. Zhang hopes to improve and expand the support provided to these vital state and community programs.

ISO Size O Headform

The ISO O headform has been added to the set of headforms used in the B-90, B-95, M-95, and SA-95 standards. Headgear which are appropriate to the ISO O headform will be marked and tested on this headform. The use of this headform enables a fairer evaluation of the visual field for M-95 and SA-95 headgear.

Draft Standards

There are three draft standards currently in preparation: an equestrian helmet standard for headgear used in horseback riding, a standard for headgear used with low powered vehicles and a ski helmet standard. Copies are available from the Foundation's North Highlands Office.

Manufacturers are invited to submit samples for evaluation with respect to any of the three drafts. Please contact the North Highlands office for further information.

New Snell Web Site Address

The Snell Foundation Home Pages originated by Dr. Philip Graitcer on the Internet World Wide Web has merged with the Snell World Wide Web site set up by Dr. Frank Lin at the Snell California offices. The Snell Web site address is now The site includes information on the Foundation and its certification programs, lists of certified products, links to ftp downloads of Snell Standards and drafts and links to other web sites of interest including Dr. Graitcer's home pages for the WHO Bicycle Helmet Initiative.

Frank welcomes comments and suggestions regarding any aspect of the Web site. We would especially like to establish links with Web sites maintained by manufacturers, distributors and retailers of Snell certified helmets.

Where Did You Get That Helmet?

If you're happy with your Snell Certified helmet or even if you hate it, we want to know all about it: model, size, serial number, date of manufacture, date of purchase, where and when you got it, how much you paid, how's the fit, the comfort, the style... in short, the works.

Our helmet survey is currently under construction. Look for it the next time you access the Snell Web site and tell us all about your hat.

Certified Product Lists

Manufacturers are required to notify the Foundation of all marketing and size designations under which each Snell Certified helmet is sold and distributed. We record these names and sizes in the Foundation's Certified products lists which are used for reference and which are distributed to groups and individuals on request.

Whenever a Snell labelled helmet is distributed under a new name, please advise Steve Johnson in writing of the new name and size designation and identify the original certified product. The ID number in the lower right corner of the Snell Certificate is preferred identification for recently certified helmets. Also, please advise Mr. Johnson whenever a marketing name is dropped or goes out of production.

Bulk Educational Materials

Manufacturers and others who may require large quantities of Snell brochures, hang tags and similar items should contact Ms. Zhang well in advance. Preparation of these materials requires long lead times.

Who to Call at Snell

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Public Education:
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CA:	Steve Johnson		916-331-5073	916-331-0359

Internet Web Site:
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All Other:
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