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HIC Workshop Summary

The Workshop on Criteria for Head Injury and Helmet Standards was hosted by the Medical College of Wisconsin and sponsored by the Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc. on May 6, 2005. There was extensive discussion of the Head Injury Criterion (HIC) and its application to a wide variety of engineering test standards. It was generally agreed that HIC should not be used for crash helmet test standards for all the reasons discussed in the report.


A list of important issues for crash helmet standards was identified by the participants. The list is contained in the workshop report. As identified in the report further discussion and research are needed to resolve the differences of opinion on the issues. The list will be used as a guide for future workshops.                      Get Adobe Reader



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Download Report (pdf)                               size - 4,000 kb



Download Support Documentation (pdf)       

    Becker_Snell_Conf_M2000_vs_EC-BYG.pdf                                                        size - 693 kb

    Conflicts_of_helmet_stds_AAAM_1992.pdf                                                           size - 184 kb

    ECE22rv4e_helmet_standard.pdf                                                                            size - 1,099 kb

    Feasibility_Study_of_218.pdf                                                                                    size - 1,057 kb

    Gadd_1966_Weighted-Impulse_Criterion_for_Estimating_Injury_H.pdf             size - 1,348 kb

    Gadd_1971_Tolerable_Severity_Index_in_Whole-Head_Nonmech_Im.pdf      size - 980 kb

    Gennarelli_Snell_HIC_0505_c.pdf                                                                           size - 843 kb

    Helmeted_MC_JTrauma.pdf                                                                                     size - 840 kb

    helmets_and_HIC_IRCOBI_2003.pdf                                                                      size - 174 kb

    HIC_in_football_headgear.pdf                                                                                  size - 145 kb

    hodgson_1990_skid_and_helmets.pdf                                                                   size - 394

    hodgsson_1991_skid_and_helmets.pdf                                                                 size - 3,542 kb

    King_IRCOBI_2003.pdf                                                                                            size - 471 kb  

    Mellor_helmet_v1.pdf                                                                                                size -  501 kb

    Mertz_1997_Injury_Risk_Curves_for_Children_Adults_in_Front.pdf                 size -  3,163 kb

    Mertz_2002_Injury_Risk_Assessments_Based_on_Dummy_Responses.pdf size - 1,745 kb

    Newman_2002_Biomechanics_of_Head_Trauma-Protection.pdf                     size - 3,994 kb

    Newman_Max_Power_Index.pdf                                                                             size - 1,093 kb

    Newman_NFL.pdf                                                                                                     size - 287 kb

    Newman_Snell_presentation.pdf                                                                            size - 586 kb

    Priya_Prasad_1999_IRCOBI.pdf                                                                           size - 330 kb

    Snellm2005final1204.pdf                                                                                         size - 1,015 kb

    Thom_Peak_G_and_HIC_data_for_MCW.pdf                                                    size - 545 kb

    USAARL_88-5.pdf                                                                                                   size - 1,837 kb

    Various_helmets_stds.pdf                                                                                      size - 358 kb

    Versace_1971_Review_of_Severity_Index.pdf                                                   size - 3,030 kb

    Yoga_HI_tolerance_IUTAM_Paper_011405.pdf                                                 size - 225 kb



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